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Scott Simons – Ecopreneur created Organik in 2006. With strong experience of close to 10 years spanning many facets of the global health industry, Scott’s mission is to inspire people to take health into their own hands.
With the help of his leadership, three social businesses have come to see the light of day. In 2004, he cofounded the Pauda Centre, a community centre in support of meditation, yoga and group dialogues.

In 2006 he cofounded DESTA, a non-profit organization helping marginalized youth aged 18 to 25. Organik, a company specialized in servicing health to employees and corporate environments, is the business Scott created and has managed and developed over the last 9 years.
Beyond creating and developing inspiring projects, Scott has contributed to health as a yoga teacher since 2009.

Scott’s completed:

  • the yoga Sivananda 200-hour certification (2009),
  • the 500-hour Naada Yoga teacher training (2015),
  • the 300-hour yoga therapeutics program with Re:Source Yoga.

According to Scott, his greatest source of inspiration is found in his daily practice of health.

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