Scott Simons | Founder and CEO

Since 2002, Scott’s mission has been to inspire daily health and wellness practice. To accomplish his mission, he accumulated more than 2000 hours of training as a yoga teacher, meditation, health coach and personal trainer. He is also a Lululemon ambassador. At the same time, he created four social projects:

  • 2004 – The Padua Center: a community wellness center with yoga, meditation and dialogue
  • 2006 – The DESTA project: an alternative school for young marginalized adults
  • 2006 – Organik Santé Corporative: a company that offers corporate wellness broker services
  • 2018 – Organik Experiences: wellness events for the general public

Francine Courtois | COO – Chief Operations & Wellness Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of innovative IT models in both medium and large companies, Francine is a solid business partner oriented towards global performance! Her expertise is recognized as much for planning as for the deployment of large-scale projects in major transformational contexts.

For several years it has become clear to her that it is more a human-to-human relationship that will attract and retain the best candidates in the industry. For these reasons, over the years, she has developed several interests related to wellness practices in all spheres of life. This approach led her to develop an interest in human beings in a holistic way (Heart | Body | Soul | Spirit) and this passion has been developing for a long time with her!

For this reason, she joined the Organik team in June 2020 as COO, Chief Operations and Wellness Officer. At Organik, we serve you health and well-being on a silver platter, with joy and simplicity, in our virtual studios. Mindfulness, empathy and the well-being of others are essential to maintain a healthy relationship with those around us – and it is key to our future.

Joey Kasz | Chief Joy Officer 

Joey Kasz, Chief Joy Officer at Organik, embodies JOY on a daily basis. He maintains that Joyful Leadership is the new way of managing for the 21st century. Joey helps HR directors develop their human resources to its utmost potential. He teaches resiliency and adaptability in an ever-changing business landscape. Change management has a new name and it is emotional intelligence.

Mindfulness and kindness are essential in order to sustain a healthy relationship with our employees. In today’s world a human-2-human connection is key to attract and keep the best players in the industry.

Get ahead of your competition by truly caring for the people in your charge. We at Organik are health servants. We serve health to you and your employees in our virtual studio.

Mind | Body | Heart | Soul

Karolane Cliche | Organik Community Coordinator

Karolane is passionate about human relations. For her, inclusion and authenticity are paramount values ​​in human interactions, whether professional or personal. She is a professional with a versatile profile. Communications, project management, the organization of school trips, teaching yoga … Where it is possible to inspire others while working as a team, her energy has no limits.

She is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades! She juggles with her creative and sporty sides on a daily basis, from drawing, improvisation, reading, the outdoors, yoga and meditation. There are few activities to which she is not keen to participate!

At Organik, she makes sure that every member of the community is heard. We offer a formula that meets YOUR needs. Maintaining a lively and multidirectional communication channel with you allows us to offer personalized services. So don’t be shy, write to her!

Mariana Lebrija | Operations & Sustainability Coordinator

Mariana is studying International Development at McGill University, with a double-minor in Environment and Social Entrepreneurship. As her wellness fundamentals, she enjoys spending time outdoors, connecting with family and friends, and – her guilty pleasure – making a good cup of coffee.

Whether she’s running outdoors or taking a barre class, Mariana combines her physical and mental health practices on a regular basis. She also values mindfulness and gratitude as two challenging yet crucial practices for a happy life. Seeing Organik’s five pillars of health as equally important and interconnected, Mariana also believes that fostering a sustainable lifestyle is key to both individual and global wellbeing.

As Operations and Sustainability Coordinator, Mariana’s role is to facilitate the company’s administrative tasks and to help integrate the holistic values of sustainability into Organik’s notions of individual and corporate wellness.

Marina Entner  | Content Architect

Marina is an entrepreneur focusing on various endeavors linked to mindset, self-empowerment and health practices. She loves investigating and trying out habit-implementation and optimization – and sharing insights that stem from her research. She loves spending time exploring nature in the beautiful Laurentian region, and practicing the Wim Hof cold therapy method.

As Content Architect at Organik, Marina supports the establishment of structures and strategies linked to sharing quality, value-filled content to service-users and the corporate world at large, to inspire health and wellness, in and out of the workplace.

She works in tandem with the Organik team to showcase the value and power of healthy practices, and the skills of their team of Organik Experts.


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