‘Medicine is not healthcare, food is health care. Medicine is sick care, let’s get this straight.’

Organik is powered by plants. Today plant based diets are the nutritional equivalent of quitting smoking. A plant-based diet can help prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. A study by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that companies that offer employees a low-fat, plant-based diet in the office can help workers lose weight and improve diabetes. In the study, ten GEICO corporate offices across the U.S. randomly selected 291 employees to either adopt a low-fat vegan diet with weekly group support or make no diet changes for 18 weeks. Those who followed a low-fat vegan diet experienced an average weight loss of 11 pounds, lowered cholesterol levels, lost inches off their waistlines and hips, improved blood sugar levels (if they were diabetes patients) and averaged fewer hours of absenteeism.

Optimal hydration is equally as important. Water makes up 70% of the body, 85% of the brain and 80% of the muscles. A 3% decrease in hydration is a 30% decrease in energy. Water is the best energy drink in the world. Drink up!

The only question to ask when it comes to nutrition is will this make me healthier or unhealthier?


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