SAFE® FLOOR is an Award-Winning neuromuscular technique developed by Alexandre Munz, formerly Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet, trained at the Paris Opera Ballet school. The concept is as innovative as it is inclusive, micro-spherical stretching is performed in a spiral and in slowness, this back and forth of circular expansion and contraction strengthens the deepest muscle layers. Another major asset of this technique is its sponge effect which massages and regenerates the fascia, these connective tissues that govern our organs and our systems. The impacts are breathtaking and with immediate effects, SAFE® FLOOR gives you more freedom in the joints, more muscle flexibility, while releasing endorphins that soothe pain and stress.


Endurance training course allowing the participant to work on muscular resistance while sculpting the different parts of his body on the musical rhythm. Suitable for all levels.

No specific material required apart from a chair.
Optional: two small weights, elastic band, yoga-type mat


Contemporary and creative dance classes for adults. Warm-ups, flexibility, techniques and choreography. Suitable for all levels.

No material required.

Sweat & Stretch

This class was designed with two main pillars of health in mind:

SWEATING, by moving to generate more blood flow in your muscles, viscosity in the fluids of your joints and perspiration to decongest your body and skin.

STRETCHING, to release muscular tensions and help normalize your posture, maximizing your recovery and minimizing chances of injuries.

Using only your bodyweight, SWEAT & STRETCH combines the best of both worlds all in a 45 minutes class.

Applying a HITT approach (High Intensity Interval Training) for first half of the class, we will move through a series of exercises, from standing, to seated, to lying down in order to benefit from a full body conditioning.

The second half of the class, we’ll experience a combination of two highly therapeutic methods, Myofascial Stretching and ELDOA (a spinal and joint decompression technique). This will not only regulate and normalize the muscular, skeletal and nervous system, but also turn on and optimize your natural ability to regenerate and rehydrate all of the cells of the whole body.

Qi Gong

Qi gong is an energetic gymnastics based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The practice of Qi gong allow the harmonization of circulation in the body (Qi energy, blood, body fluids) and help maintain health. Integrating Qigong in your daily life is a way to reconnect with your self, your energy, and to find balance deep within.


What can we tell you about Zumba that has not been said already? I bet you have already heard about it and you have at least tried it once. If not, then for sure you know someone that has tried a zumba class, am I not right? Anyway, doing a zumba class with Yelitza is something else! Lots of flavour, smiles, rhythm, intense cardio work, a lot of dancing and why not, a few squats here and there.


In this class your workout will be as intense as you will want it to be. We will work in intervals of 30 or 45 sec, mixing cardio and strength training using the weight of our bodies.


A moment in your day to settle in your space to reconnect with the body. A 30-minute exploration to observe the evolution of sensations, thoughts, emotions through sequences of fluid movements based on the deconstruction of traditional yoga.

Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof ​​Method is made up of three pillars: respiratory work, gradual exposure to cold, mental preparation. The course focuses on the first pillar: respiratory work. First, the participants will be invited to train in the basic breathing technique of the Wim Hof ​​Method during an hour-long session. This session allows you to review the key points of the technique, as well as address any questions. Once trained, participants will be able to access the 30-minute practice session that goes straight to the point. This session will allow them to take a nice break in the morning and resume their activities feeling more focused and present. In the future, full workshops may be offered, covering the entire Wim Hof ​​Method (group breathing, ice bath, theory).

Course information: For the session itself, it is best to be able to sit comfortably on the floor on your cushion, your back against a wall. If this is not possible, a very stable chair will do the trick. Know that it is better not to eat too much before the session. Sébastien will lead a “light” session of Wim Hof ​​Method breathing. Why “light”? Because the course is offered online and will not be there to assess how you feel and are completely safe.

IMPORTANT: the respiratory technique of the Wim Hof ​​Method is not recommended for epileptics, individuals with serious cardiovascular cases and pregnant women.

Move for Children (4 to 8)

The Move for children courses aim to help children acquire basic skills in gymnastics and also in all sports! Through small exercises and workshops children can improve their skills in terms of coordination, flexibility, balance and strength. Unfortunately today, many children hardly have optimal motor development. The proposed exercises will stimulate them in more ways than one!


Meditation sessions are an opportunity to meet yourself, to experience the slowing down of your inner rhythm and the quality of your presence in your life. The practice is formulated in an accessible and simple way, accompanying you towards inner silence. It is not a question of stopping our thinking processes! The flow of thoughts is slowed down and inner calm is established by various simple techniques. We come out of the session more relaxed, in better emotional balance, rooted and fully present to our environment.


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