Conscious breathing is the most effective tool to tame the mind’ – Scott Simons

Breathing is the foundation to optimal health. We breathe on average 22 000 times per day. However, often unconsciously. 90% of our energy comes from our inhalation, 70% of our toxins and tensions are released through our exhalation.

The breath is the most effective and accessible optimal health tool. It is built into us, we don’t have to look very far. The best place to start is with 5 or more conscious breaths daily. By simply focusing on your breath you are tapping back into the sophistication of the human body, the most effective system on the planet to prevent, heal, transform, regenerate, reconstruct. Hidden between each conscious breath is an infinite source of wisdom. When we disconnect from the breath, we are disconnected from the wisdom, we disconnect from life.

When we are tense (sympathetic nervous system), we prevent the body from working at it’s full potential. When we relax (para-sympathetic nervous system), we enable the body to function at it’s highest potential and let the wisdom flow. Every system in our body communicates through the breathe, therefore, if you calm the breath, you calm down every system in the body.

One conscious breath is the difference between a mindful life and a mindless life
Jon Kabat Zinn


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