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Organik offers health and wellness services to corporations and their employees since 2006.

Organik’s team of Corporate Wellness Brokers create customized programs with on-site services offered by a nationwide network of highly qualified specialists that help increase the health and well-being of employees and increase the organizational health of our clients.

We are a one-stop-wellness-shop for companies. Our services range from yoga, meditation, Pilates, Bootcamp and Zumba, to conferences, massage, private consultations and 15-minute Energy Breaks.

Our network of highly qualified wellness experts help employees move, breathe, manage stress and anxiety, and, most importantly, inspire daily health practices!


Organik Virtual Studio

Organik corporate health has decided to set up a virtual wellness studio to meet the demand of several clients during this adaptation period that is affecting us at all levels.
The goal of the virtual studio is to help employees and their families maintain good physical and mental health in their new reality of telecommuting.

To respond to this situation, our wellness experts will offer live group classes and health breaks via zoom. The classes adapts to different needs in order to inspire good lifestyle habits for everyone. For employees, their spouses and children, we believe it is essential to break isolation, move, learn to breathe and relax to maintain the best possible individual, family and collective health.

The benefits of our group classes and health breaks have proven to us since 2006 that a few minutes can make all the difference for your employees.
Here are some examples of benefits:

+ energy
+ concentrated
+ inspired
+ productive
+ aware
+ calm
+ smiling

For all these reasons, we believe that our online wellness studio is a preventive and proactive solution that will bring positive results.


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