5 strategies to reinvigorate your wellness program

Commentary: Why are some employers’ health management programs more successful than others? And what can companies struggling to engage their employees do to improve results?Consider this hypothetical example. Suppose Company A and Company B offer the same programs – smoking cessation, fitness challenges, health risk assessments and wellness coaching – to their respective employee populations. Assume the companies have similar demographic characteristics.Read more...

Mindfulness training poised to take off as new employee benefit

Why are employers increasingly interested in mindfulness? Specifically, why have companies like Aetna, Apple, Google, and General Mills implemented mindfulness training for their employees? With over 4,000 scientific papers published on mindfulness (half of them in the past three years), evidence is emerging that links mindfulness to better workplace functioning: increased productivity, more efficient teamwork, fewer errors, better communication, and fewer sick days.Read more...

Mindfulness training improves focus, employee performance

A common question I hear as a researcher, and one we get asked at eMindful as a provider of mindfulness programs, is:“How does mindfulness affect workplace performance?”That is, does it affect whether employees deliver quality results, consistently meet deadlines, keep customers happy and avoid costly mistakes?Read more...

Get up, stand up and move around at work

LEAH EICHLER - Special to The Globe and Mail Saturday, Apr. 09, 2016When my kindergarten-aged daughter came home from school the other day complaining that her legs were tired from standing all day, I felt delighted. “They only let me sit at snack time,” she said.Read More...


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