For Immediate Release – Montreal, Québec
March 18th, 2019

What does church, ceremony and yoga mean to Montrealers? Reviving traditions of gathering for well-being, deeper connections and universal love, Thursday, March 28th from 6 to 9PM LOVE: Ceremony of Yoga, is reaching out to expand and elevate the heart of the Montreal wellness community at the majestic 154-year-old chapel of the Église Gesù.

The $66 ticket includes an organic yoga mat, sponsored goodies, and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to DESTA Black Youth Network, a community organization supporting marginalized youth aged 18 to 35 in reaching their educational, employability, and entrepreneurial goals through a holistic and individualized approach.

“Love means empowerment, compassion for one another, which is a huge part of why I love DESTA, as it gives power to my peers, seeing them as individuals. Ceremony is a celebration, rites of passage, the way that us as humans can acknowledge and appreciate moments in our lives.” – Barkley Cineus Jr., DESTA Executive Director & participant.

The ceremony will be guided by Kimiko Fujimoto, voted Montreal’s favourite yoga instructor in 2018, highlighting aspects of the shamanic and kundalini practises she offers regularly at her Temple Mile End and School of Ritual. Live violin and beats by local musician Eliza Moore along with organist Jeffrey Louch of Victory Chimes and Chris Velan on harmonium will enchant the crowd and atmosphere.

“The LOVE ceremony is the first of its kind practicing yoga in a church with cotton mats and props to create one united field of earthy sustainable materials. We aim for hundreds practicing in unison, chanting, and deepening their yoga experience in support of the collective and themselves.” – Kimiko Fujimoto, Ceremony of Yoga

This will be the first in a series of ceremonies created and produced by Organik, corporate wellness brokers, to unite and elevate the collective well-being of Montrealers. LOVE: Ceremony of Yoga, launches Organik Experiences, their new initiative to bridge corporations with diverse communities in public events highlighting topics that connect us all as one. On behalf of their ambassador and Organik President Scott Simons, Lululemon Montreal suggests:

“Until we can find an outdoor practice, cradled by the summer wind and the sounds of the city, recharge at the LOVE: Ceremony of Yoga event, the latest project of our ambassador Scott Simons. Scott’s goal is to expand his company’s range of services and bring the Organik approach beyond the workplace for the first time in this unique experience.” – Lululemon Montreal

WHERE: Gésu chapelle, 1200 de Bleury Montréal, QC H3B 3J3 | Métro Place des Arts (sortie de Bleury)
WHEN: Thursday, March 28th, 6 to 9 PM
COLLABORATORS: RISE Kombucha, Lululemon Ste-Catherine, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, Hôtel Place d’Armes, Le Balnea, Restaurant LOV.
TICKETS: www.ceremonyofyoga.com

CONTACT: Fabien Bergeron, COO Organik, fab@beorganik.com, 514-743-5570

DESTA – www.destabyn.org
Based in Little Burgundy and serving participants across Greater Montreal,
DESTA supports Black youth aged 18 to 35 in reaching their educational, employability, and entrepreneurial goals through a holistic and individualized approach.

CEREMONY OF YOGA – www.ceremonyofyoga.com
Inspired by the pathways of a yogi: Bhakti (Love), Dharma (Action), Jnana (Wisdom), and Raja (Peace), Ceremony of Yoga aims to elevate mass yoga experiences with purpose and passion. Our mission is to curate mind-altering, heart-opening, interactive experiences for people of all backgrounds to collectively walk the talk.

ORGANIK SANTÉ OPTIMALE – www.beorganik.com
Organik cultivates cultures of health! Corporate health brokers offering simple, accessible and effective on-site services provided by a network of highly specialized wellness experts, Organik empowers employees to take health into their own hands.


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